My Love…


My Love,
I thought about you this holiday season. I thought about you everyday. I saw you everywhere, but I could not touch you,  for you are no longer mine. I miss you so very much. Our bond was so very tight, and it’s hard to imagine my life without you.
Thoughts of you fill my mind with sadness, but yet I convince myself that I still need you, the truth is I just really want you. But why? You’ve tormented me for so many years, you’ve abused me, and I you. What a dysfunctional relationship we have carried on. It must end! It will hurt, I will still think of you, but as the days go by I will get stronger and you will no longer have a hold on me. I will no longer allow it. It must be about me now, because I deserve that.
Day 60! Boo-Ya!
Fuck you Alcohol! It’s all about me now! 😀


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